Ethical Activewear with a Twist

February 27, 2017

Kiwi women are pretty adventurous, whether it’s chasing their sporting dreams or chasing their little ones (or even both), we’re into celebrating it all. Zeenya Clothing was brought to New Zealand so that we can ditch the black activewear and start embracing life through colour, whatever we get up to.

For Sarah and I, it’s so important to know where our clothing comes from. This year we were fortunate enough to visit our supplier and her seamstresses. We are well aware of the plight of workers in countries around the world where clothing is made and we wanted to be sure that we weren’t enabling the exploitation of others and the environment with our clothing range.


Our clothing comes from Brazil, a beautiful country full of colour, life and energy. The company that we work with from there embodies this all. It’s a small company (like us), with one owner who is supported by her husband and they employ two seamstresses which produce all our product. The head seamstress has a room at the back of her home where she can juggle family life and her creative life easily. Talk about being a driven woman! We love that we can support another small company achieve their dreams and bring more of that Brazilian energy home.


Here’s the twist: the fabric we use is the worlds’ first biodegradable nylon (which means its eco-friendly in its production and lifespan), it moves with you and breathes easily. Cool right? All the prints that we choose are limited edition, no more than 30 items come into the country with the same print so we’re confident that you’ll find a print that makes you feel good and enjoy being active.

Iluminado Crop - Front

So here’s to you, to being able to make informed choices in your clothing and for being self-expressive. We want to help you do that every day regardless of how you choose to move.

We can’t wait to see you Embracing Life Through Colour


Zeenya Clothing

Rio Full - Side

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