Ama Balm

Ama balm is jam-packed with nature’s goodies to keep the skin hydrated.

Focussing on natural oils and sourcing organic ingredients ensures that Ama Balm is all you need for everyday moisture on the face and lips, in all conditions.

Free from petroleum and other nasties, you can be confident that Ama Balm not only feels good, but it is good.



How did your business begin?

Ama began at home, for me. Playing outside in the sun and wind meant very weathered skin and I wanted to fix it, naturally. Ama was then smothered over friends’ faces, then friends of friends’ faces and then incredibly, strangers’ faces. We use Ama every day, we love it! And make sure we keep talking and listening to other users to be sure we progress and develop and don’t stand still.

What gets you up in the morning?

The excitement of a new day!
I wake up with a lot of energy and need to be outside being active straight away.
It’s the favourite part of my day.
Once that’s done, I’m ready.

When you're not working you are

If we are not working, we are outside seeking wind for kitesurfing, swell for surfing, trees for slacklining, glassy waters for swimming …
We love to adventure around nature’s playground with our friends, finishing off the day with good food, a face smothered in Ama and exhausted limbs.

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