Confetti is a one stop shop for todays badass ‘Martha Stewart’ wannabe.

We understand that you not only want to bake that cake but eat it too (whilst sitting under 50 million balloons in a room filled with glitter, confetti and ultimate happiness in the form of milk bottles with coordinated stripey straws).

Confetti is all about celebrating the big things- weddings, birthdays, baby showers- as well as celebrating the every day (baby finally slept through the night, Yeow- you deserve a balloon, girl!)

We want to make sure that every day is unique, every occasion something to be celebrated and everyone is able to pick up that fistful of confetti, throw it around the room like a looney and bask in the happiness that is ultimate organized chaos.


MEET Sandy

How did your business begin?

Confetti started after I realised that the fairy bread at my daughters first birthday just wasn’t ‘fabulous’ enough.

What gets you up in the morning?

A threenager that is showing great potential for a career as a world class defence lawyer (or a future Oscar winner for most dramatic performance of the year) as well as a toddler that believes she defies gravity and has a penchant for giving me heart palpitations every time she tries to launch herself off the furniture. Lets also chuck in a husband who is in a house full of females, a Newfoundland dog called Mouse who at times thinks he is a chihuahua and a Persian cat called Lionel (who unfortunately is also a girl). Life is definitely an adventure!

When you're not working you are

Generally hiding crouched down beside the bed eating copious amounts of chocolate, handfuls of m&m’s or the last few fruit bursts before my family can find me.


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