Elemental Jewellery

Elemental Jewellery is an Auckland based studio, where designer Rosie Carson creates unique, contemporary jewellery designs. Materials used include gemstones and precious metals along with recycled wood & brass. Rosie’s aim is to create pieces that have a unique simplicity, are beautiful and wearable, and yet are still affordable.


MEET Rosie

How did your business begin?

Elemental Jewellery was born out of my desire to find gemstone jewellery that 1. Suited the paired-back, contemporary style that I like to wear and 2. I could afford! I have dabbled in making contemporary jewellery over the years, after completing night classes in metalsmithing techniques, but I stepped things up a notch when I moved house and was finally able to have a dedicated studio space. Through much research and experimentation, I came up with a style that satisfied my desire for contemporary gemstone pieces. Those designs were so well received by others, that I decided to develop them and I began selling my work online and through high-end markets.

What gets you up in the morning?

A good cup of coffee usually! But also I truly love being able to both make jewellery for a living and work with the beautiful stones that form many of my pieces, so I don’t need much encouragement to get in to the studio to be honest!

When you're not working you are

Looking after my two gorgeous, funny, loving and energetic young sons!

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