Etico is an online curator of beautifully crafted, ethical items from around the world that are better for you and better for our environment.
Our products celebrate natural materials, artisanal skill and sustainability. We aim to enrich your lives with beautiful things that will stand the test of time and be cherished for their design and quality.


MEET Lauren & Jo

How did your business begin?

From a shared interest, Jo and Lauren took a leap of faith to follow our dream of owning a homewares store. Etico evolved from our love of beautifully crafted things. We love natural materials in their purest form and past travels have given us an appreciation for artisan craftmanship. The provenance of our belongings to important to us and we want to enrich our customers lives with beautiful things that will be cherished, stand the test of time, and benefit our world in an environmental and social economic way.

What gets you up in the morning?

Our kids!
Like any mother, our children are the axis that we revolve around. We want to instill in them (our business values) the importance of caring for our world and the people in it. It feels great to seek out products that are making a difference, no matter how small. We love to see joy in the craftsmanship and joy in the ownership of these unique things.

When you're not working you are

Spending time with the family. Kids are busy creatures so we are often standing on sports fields or organising their social calendar. We are really looking forward to taking them on travel adventures in the future.

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