Honest Skincare

100% natural skincare, handmade with love.

You avoid eating chemical-laden products, so it makes sense that you want to use chemical-free skincare products too.
We create a body butter, serum, scrub, oil and balm in a range of naturally infused flavours. Every single ingredient we use is a natural, edible, organic & vegetarian product.


MEET Tonia

How did your business begin?

Honest Skincare started for me as a hobby when I became frustrated with not being able to find truly natural skincare products on the market. There are plenty of products that claim to be safe and natural but many have to bow to the pressures of preservatives and artificial ingredients to maintain shelf life and to keep the texture of the product consistent in different climates.
My journey towards Honest Skincare started when I began to research and subsequently avoid processed foods around the time I fell pregnant with my first child around 10 years ago. Once I had eliminated most processed foods from my day-to-day diet I felt that all my efforts to eat as naturally as possible were being undone by slathering chemicals over my skin morning and night so I began to experiment with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil moisturisers. I have spent the last two years tweaking my recipes to get them perfect for sale and I think most people are ready to embrace a more natural lifestyle. There is a huge shift towards wellness industries across the board. People are in general becoming more aware of alternatives to mainstream products and are beginning to see the bigger picture and question age-old advices. There really is so much that we don’t know about our bodies, about our health, about certain diseases and about the damage we’re causing our planet. People are beginning to see the bigger picture which I think is a fantastic and exciting thing.

What gets you up in the morning?

My kids and my day job as a freelance graphic designer!

When you're not working you are

Outdoors. As much as possible. Our family is very active. We all ride dirt bikes with a bunch of our friends. I do yoga, run, play netball go to the gym and walk our dog regularly.

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