Lusso Boutique

Lusso Boutique sources a curated range of women’s accessories, gifts & homeware, Lusso is all about having design & little luxuries at our fingertips with something for everyone. We love working with other small businesses to bring their products to the New Zealand market, all ways knowing where they are made & who made them, so you can shop knowing



How did your business begin?

A couple of years ago when I was looking for something special for my home but everything just seemed ‘same same’ I started to discover via the internet a whole lot of beautiful ranges that weren’t yet in New Zealand, which is still now most of what we stock. Knowing where our products come from & who make them is all ways very important, so purchasing from Lusso directly supports the designers & makers of our products. It’s been a dream since I was very young to have my own store, recently when we were moving house my husband found an old note book that had a whole store planned out (this was from about 15 years ago) so this has been in my dreams for a long time! Lusso is all about finding little luxuries for you & your home

What gets you up in the morning?

My dog & my child mainly! running Lusso is hugely time consuming but I wouldn’t change it, I love wrapping orders, photographing stock & designing all of the branding so as trying as running a business can be at times, doing something you love makes it all worthwhile

When you're not working you are

walking the dog, cooking, looking after my son

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