Mountain Makers

Mountain Makers. Art, design and ceramics that celebrate the Taranaki Region, under our beautiful mountain.

40 King Street
New Plymouth

MEET Jonelle

How did your business begin?

After 16 years away I really wanted to move back to my hometown, New Plymouth, and create a range of design and ceramics that celebrated the region. I am obsessed with the Mt Taranaki and it influences a lot of my work.

What gets you up in the morning?

Clay! I started making ceramics as a hobby over 20 years ago, but always had a ‘real job’ to pay the bills. So I am loving the opportunity to work with clay everyday. Practise makes perfect and within the last year my skills and ideas have developed so much. You just can’t do that when you have to stop and start all the time. It is very luxurious for me to have so much time to create.

When you're not working you are

I am a mum to Ben (14), and Ruby (12). And my husband runs a cafe and coffee roasting business so I am still called in for the odd Barista shift! I have been running my own brand and store for 12 months and that is really all consuming in the beginning, but I love it. A wine with friends, or a coffee at the beach are super important to me as well. Life is all about balance. It took me a while to work that out! But now it feels like I am there!

Anything else?

Thanks for shopping local and supporting local. Sometimes I get depressed when I go into big chain stores and see how cheap the ceramics are. I know I could never make something for that price and I question whether anyone will ever be prepared to pay more for local. But then someone comes into the store and loves what they find, and appreciate the difference. That makes me feel happy and like it is all worthwhile.

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