Pip Pottage Designs

Specializing in ethical handmade homewares.
Designed and made in New Zealand from a range of eco friendly textiles, for concerned consumers all over the world.

New fabrics and products arriving all the time…. so make sure you check out social media for updates.



How did your business begin?

Inspired and guided by my Mamma’s professional seamstress career, I started Empire Eco Designs years ago in Canada when my first son was born. After I couldn’t find the “right” baby gear for my style in a sea of pastels, so I got out my sewing machine started making my own.
Now back in my home town in New Zealand, a new source of inspiration fuels my creativity – pattern! In Mar 2016 the name was changed from Empire Eco Designs to Pip Pottage Designs and will (eventually) feature fabrics designed only by Me. But good things take time.
In the mean time you’ll find carefully considered fabrics, selected because of their look AND their origin (be it organic cotton, hemp, recycled plastic bag polyester or from traditional family run businesses).

What gets you up in the morning?

Usually my dog! Seriously though I love making… working with customers and exploring creativity. Depending on the day I have a different focus, it’s always changing.

When you're not working you are

hanging out with my two rowdy but loveable boys.. usually soaking in some Nelson sunshine on the coast somewhere.

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