The Guru Knows

The Guru Knows is a New Zealand boutique formed by two creatives living in Auckland. Our collection of quality handmade creations and hand picked vintage clothing are aimed at free-spirited individuals with a wild soul. Shop for symbolic jewellery, hippie flower crowns, soothing dreamcatchers and unique retro clothing and unleash your inner flower child.


MEET Michelle

How did your business begin?

Emily and I have been friends for years, working on our own separate projects.
Myself, working jewellery, design and photography and Emily collecting vintage clothing and creating flower crowns and dreamcatchers. About a year ago we were at a really slow market selling our products together when we thought, why not team up and create something awesome? Emily is crazily crafty, able to whip beautiful things up from scraps, and I’m a graphic designer and photographer with a good understanding of business processes, so we basically found the missing pieces of our puzzles in each other!

What gets you up in the morning?

Knowing our days vary and that we always get to unleash a bit of creativity.

When you're not working you are

Taking photos, dreaming up new ideas or exploring New Zealand.

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