The Sage Apothecary

At The Sage Apothecary, we take our wisdom from Mother Nature. We’re proud to say that this is nothing new. After all, plants have likely been used in herbal medicine since before history was ever recorded. There’s hard evidence that they were used by the Egyptians, too. And let’s face it, Cleopatra had it goin’ on. At The Sage Apothecary we have a few rules by which we live – not only do we never test on animals but we only use the highest quality, natural ingredients. And, what you see on the ingredients list is what you get. No sneaky, undeclared parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals, sulphates, additives or fragrances hiding here or there…we believe in 100% transparency. All of our products are only ever produced in small batches– they are naturally-handcrafted right here in New Zealand using artisan and traditional herbal methods.



How did your business begin?

Originally, it was born out of frustration – which sounds a little odd but it’s true. Health, nutrition and wellness have always been topics close to my heart and I desperately wanted to find a natural skincare brand I could trust. In the end though I decided to take things into my own hands, literally, and create my own handmade range of nutrient-dense, botanical skincare.
As a herbologist, all of the skincare formulations are based on the principals of herbal medicine – because if it hasn’t got flowers, it hasn’t got powers and this was one of the founding principals that brought The Sage Apothecary to life. That and a little bit of sass – because frankly life is too short for boring skincare.

What gets you up in the morning?

Honestly, I would have to say its the fact that no day is typical – which is why I love what I do. Being a small business owner means I wear many hats during the day but it’s no surprise that I’m at my happiest either when I am working on new formulations, enjoying the smell of herbs infusing around The Sage Apothecary HQ or just simply hearing that my skincare has solved someone’s long suffering issue.

When you're not working you are

Taking pictures, walking my two lakeland terriers on the beach, maintaining my herbal medicine garden or curling up with a cup of tea and good book.

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