Two Black Dogs

At Two black dogs we produce NZ Certified extra virgin olive oil from olives on our Mangawhai grove. We have a variety of trees, that each produce their own unique oil. We strive to produce the best oil, and offer a range of oils, sized bottles, and gift packs and boxes.


MEET Nicky

How did your business begin?

We found a beautiful property with established olive trees on, and both being self-confessed foodies….decided to jump in gumboots and all and produce top quality, NZ Certified extra virgin olive oil. We love being hands on with all aspects of our business, from grove maintenance, to the advertising and promotion of the brand, Why two black dogs? its pretty simple… we have two black labradors that thrive in the grove, their happy place too – where they are super happy pooches. Our range of oils each have a different taste characteristic, suited to different uses and preferences. We love what we do and would love you to try a piece of our special place!

What gets you up in the morning?

Knowing that each day on the grove inspires us and provides an amazing place to relax in and enjoy.

When you're not working you are

Hopefully enjoying a summers day on the grove, picnic blanket out and surrounded by friends and family with a glass of NZ wine and local nibbles

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