Runaway Rose at Cocktail Hour

February 4, 2017

Summer days are best spent with great company, chill music, good vibes and refreshing cocktails. Our friends at Libertine Blends have the perfect cocktail to relax with on those long hot days (Hopefully we have more of them are coming!!)

This twist on gin and tonic is a nice way to ease into the evening, especially in summer.


For 4 cocktails you will need:

  • Four tea bags or 4 flat tablespoons of runaway rose tea
  • 500 ml gin
  • ice
  • tonic or kombucha


Add tea to the gin in a glass jar with an airtight lid and infuse overnight in the fridge.

12 – 20 hours later strain or remove the bags to complete the gin infusion.

Select 4 charming glasses and add a generous double of the cool gin and runaway rose infusion. Add ice and top up with something sparkling, such as tonic or Good Buzz Original kombucha. Garnish with a little something from the garden.



Libertine Product Photo Credit: Devanga
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